Realtime China Market Insights at your fingertips

We are chasing your company's secret of success to China and Europe

Taking a vast experience to a new level adopting a pragmatic, unconventional and fast approach.

Building on a strong foundation laid down by a proven business model successfully incubated by Switzerland's national postal operator

Enabling contemporary commerce to the two biggest markets of the world.

Your Gateway to China

Market Readiness

We all know China is big, but how big is your piece of the cake? Let's determine your addressable market. What's in for your envisaged average prices and what your competitors are up to. This disclosing their own recipe of success

Market Sampling

Your products stand out, but what will your future customers truly think about them?

Learn more about the future to be expected customer behaviour and how consumers react to your products. Including their willingness to purchase these in future.

And if similar products are already being purchased and at which frequency

Sell to Europe

EU Intermediary

Conquering 27 european markets without the need of having an own european legal entity

How OSS (One-Stop Shop) or IOSS (Import One-Stop Shop) can help you get immediate access to Europe. Allowing you to comply with all your fiscal obligations. Maximising on new regulations in place starting July 1st 2021. From successful registration to fully operational in just a few days.

With offices in Switzerland and Germany

Serving all 27 countries of the European Union

And state of the art market entry services for China



Fiscal Representation EU

Fiscal Representation European Union

VAT Obligations EU

VAT Obligations European Union

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