Ever needed up to date realtime info about the Chinese Consumer Market?

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Are you already selling products to China and want to know how successful your competitors are?

Unleash your true China potential

Search data per categories, brands and/or products and find out more about • Revenues of the last 30 days • Projected yearly revenues • Top selling products • Top selling shops • Average prices • Price points per unit sold • B2C Ratio • Saleable rate • Availability ratio • Product and shop ratings • And so much more

All you ever wanted to know about the exciting Chinese consumer market is just a fingertip away

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Interested Chinese consumers are eagerly waiting for your products. All you ever wanted to know about their current interests

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Ranging from current average prices to current top competitors offering similar products. Get to know projected yearly sales

which products are currently trending, including further vital information like current B2C ratios and saleable rates

Get to know price spread, ie. how many products and units are currently being sold at which price point exactly

Competitors - Market Size - Average Yearly Revenues - Trending Products - B2C Ratios - Saleable Rates - Price Spread - Listed SKUs - And so much more - All at your fingertip

Quickly and simply register in order to obtain unlimited and exhaustive insights. Have your search keywords saved and tracked automatically

Choose between either an "Expert", "Basic" or "Starter" subscription. Whereby the "Expert" subscription would allow to automatically have your tracked keyword

being updated on a daily basis (thus allowing for 365 guaranteed updates per year). You can choose for a more lighter approach selecting the "Basic" subscription

catering for nonetheless 52 automatic updates per year. Lastly, a "Starter" subscription would automatically include updates on a monthly basis, therefore allowing for 12 automatic updates per year

Having questions or queries in this regards or you would like to obtain further clarifications and insights? Simply let us know by starting the incorporated live chat

Mobile friendly you will be able to quickly access all relevantly collected details whilst being on the go. Ever wanted to get immediate real-time insights on the exciting Chinese consumer market? Now you can!

Ever wanted to get immediate real-time insights on performance of your Chinese onsite service provider? Now you can!

Ever needed to prepare instantly something important on the Chinese market for your board or management? Now you can!

We all know China is big, but how big is your piece of the cake? Let's determine your addressable market. What's in for your envisaged average prices and what your competitors are up to. This disclosing their own recipe of success

Your products stand out, but what will your future customers truly think about them?

Learn more about the future to be expected customer behaviour and how consumers react to your products. Including their willingness to purchase these in future.

And if similar products are already being purchased and at which frequency

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